Sunday, December 1, 2013

What's On My Mind?

I've been looking into buying refrigerator sized cardboard boxes to give out to homeless people, or to provide at a base cost.  I think they would need some kind of sealant to keep the water from degrading the boxes.

Several weeks ago, in Houston, I noticed that a large homeless population is staying under the bridges during the rain storms, and I think such boxes could be a positive move to both help their immediate situation and put a red flag up for those seeking to help the homeless.

I was ashamed to be caught without money enough to distribute to all the homeless I saw.  As is my custom, I usually give a $20 bill to every homeless person I meet, but I was overwhelmed by the numbers there and just could not meet the need alone.

We don't see the homeless in Dallas so prominently displayed, but I am sure they are here.

Gene Chapman
Tolstoyan-Gandhian Libertarian Candidate for Texas Governor
[Endorsed by Dr. Noam Chomsky (Intellectual of the Age), Dr. Ravindra Kumar (World's Most Prominent Gandhian Intellectual) and Bishop T. D. Jakes (World Renowned Pastor)]