Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Dear Dr. Kumar,

Blessings to you for the new work I have in my hands, "Facets Of Education In Global Perspective."  I am enjoying it.

I have been forced out of the race for the Libertarian Party nomination for Texas Governor by the Texas Secretary of State.  They cannot respect my reworking of their oath to "not swear to protect the laws and constitutions of the State of Texas or of the United States."  I am informed by my State Senator that this religious bigotry in the Texas Constitution toward Gandhians and Tolstoyan Christians will be addressed in the 2015 Texas Legislature.  We are exploring options here.

I was hoping you might help me facilitate an audience with the 14th Dalai Lama the next time he is in Texas to discuss his thoughts on my using the political system to teach Tolstoy's views, transforming the world from the state conception of life into the Kingdom conception of life by not taking oaths of office once elected.

Most respectfully,

Gene Chapman, CEO
Mahatma Gandhi Global Library and Book Exchange