Saturday, December 21, 2013

"Walking Among the Kingmakers," by Gene Chapman

If I ever start writing books, one of them will be titled, "Walking Among The Kingmakers."  When I was 19 years old, I had this idea of putting Bible verses on billboards, and that single idea opened doors into the pastoral studies of the most powerful preachers in America, the Kingmakers.

I became friends with Dr. Bob Jones, Jr, Chancellor of Bob Jones University, who was in a lifelong pissing contest with a student who left Bob Jones College, Dr. Billy Graham.  I was once interviewed by Dr. Billy Graham's radio station one late evening, just down from his house, in Black Mountain, North Carolina, concerning my project to challenge Pope John Paul II's theology.  The office door to my left was closed, as I entered the station, making me wonder whether Dr. Graham were behind it or at his house listening to my live interview.  I was front page news on five continents, so I knew he was around.  Dr. Jack Hyles and Dr. Harold B. Sightler, both board members of my billboard ministry, were in a lifelong pissing contest with Dr. Jerry Falwell.  Dr. Falwell and I met once, and we liked each other.  I've had maybe a dozen letter exchanges with Pat Robertson through the years.  My board member, Dr. Lee Roberson, Chancellor of Tennessee Temple University, always got along with everybody.  I've met Charles Stanley and had a meeting with his head Greek scholar in Dr. Stanley's office to discuss the term "andrapodistes" while Dr. Stanley was on vacation years ago.  I've met Jessie Jackson in a hotel lobby.  You get a feel for these people when you meet them and interact with them.  I could go on.  The interesting thing I see, from my unique historical perspective, is that these men put presidents in the White House, congressmen in office, etc., etc.

And there are two basic ideas at war in American Christianity:  The Mosaic Law people are represented by the Bob Jones, Jack Hyles, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell side of the equation, while the Tolstoyan Kingdom approach would be represented by the Martin Luther King, Jr.,  Lee Roberson, Joel Osteen, Black Church side of the equation.  For people who do not get the magnitude of 82% of the U. S. population professing faith in Jesus Christ, they will blindly think that some other magic runs American politics.  But I've been in the room with the guys who pick the president of the United States.  They look either at the Old Testament to kneecap the black man they think is cursed by Ham, beat up gays and lock up drug users, or they look at the "Sermon on the Mount" to free drug users and befriend gays and open doors of equal opportunity for the black man and woman.

So when I mail you a copy of Tolstoy's book, "The Kingdom Of God Is Within You," don't think this is some casual book to be set aside.  This book is what makes the Kingmakers pick the "Kingdom of God" over the "State-centric Wrath of Moses" that is so exploitable by the chains of Marx.  If you want to change the world, you better read this book!

Gene Chapman,
Tolstoyan-Gandhian Libertarian Candidate for Texas Governor
[Endorsed by Dr. Noam Chomsky (Intellectual of the Age) and Dr. Ravindra Kumar (World's Most Prominent Gandhian Intellectual)]