Tuesday, December 10, 2013

R. Lee Wrights is 25 Years Behind Me

In an R. Lee Wrights article he shares:

"I am an oath keeper. I have been keeping my oath since the day I swore it back in early 1977. I gave my word before God, to a whole nation full of people even those yet unborn, to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic."

Gene's reply:  In 1988, I took the same oath Lee took to join the same Army he joined.  The difference between us is that I'm a voracious "book reader." That is why I'm in a more evolved place than Lee, endorsed for Texas Governor by Dr. Noam Chomsky (Intellectual of the Age) and Dr. Ravindra Kumar (World's Most Prominent Gandhian Intellectual).

Lee is welcome to swear oaths to man's will and words in the name of God, but I wonder which God?  The God of the Bible never asked a man to swear an oath to the will and words of man.  In fact, Jesus Christ taught "swear not" (give no allegiance to Caesar/ government, by oath or affirmation) in his "Sermon on the Mount."  This is the basis of my campaign for Texas Governor, explained most clearly in Leo Tolstoy's famous book that made the lawyer M. K. Gandhi walk away from his law practice (a practice full of oaths to man's word and will in the name of God), and he freed India from British rule, as a result.

I hope I can get Lee to read "The Kingdom Of God Is Within You" someday, so he can enjoy the enlightenment that graces the life of the 14th Dalai Lama, Mahatma Gandhi, Noam Chomsky and Gene Chapman.  Oaths to man's will and words are only a path to violence in the name of God toward other men.  It is not the path to peace on earth, and even Jesus Christ knew it.

No disrespect to Lee.  I was lost on how to live a freedom-centric life as he is presently, 25 years ago.

Gene Chapman
[Endorsed by Dr. Noam Chomsky (Intellectual of the Age) and Dr. Ravindra Kumar (World's Most Prominent Gandhian Intellectual)]