Monday, December 16, 2013

My Three Armed Standoffs

I've been involved in three armed standoffs between individuals and the government in my life, so when R. Lee Wrights began to lecture me on gun issues the other day, I felt a bit like Sgt. York being lectured by Yosemite Sam.

The first involvement I had in an armed standoff was between the FBI and David Koresh, outside Waco, Texas in 1993.  I was a student at Baylor University running a Christian outdoor advertising ministry with several famous pastors and university founders/ chancellors.  The Religion Department at Baylor opened the door that got me in with Special Agent Sage and the other FBI negotiators to share my ideas about a loud speaker plan to calm the situation and persuade Koresh to come out to deal with the court system non-violently.  Long story short, I turned against the government after the fed's killed 80 Davidians, refusing my non-violent approach in favor of their easy violent solution.

The second time was when I was the "Negotiator/ Honest Broker" for Rick Stanley's Mutual Defense Pact.  A Mutual Defense Pact member in Michigan had gained permission from a town council to rewire his two mobil homes together, but the town council rescinded the permit while the work was being done.  This was interpreted by the pact as as attack upon the man's property in land rights and an attempt under the 1st plank of "The Communist Manifesto" to take his property rights away form him.  The 600 armed members of the pact were to come that weekend to kill the government over the issue in a standoff and town council attack, if needed.  I contacted the sheriff to explain my role and introduce myself, and he contacted a local pastor, who negotiated the abolition of the illegal town council and the rewiring of this man's two mobil homes without further incident.

The third time was when I helped Ed and Elaine Brown understand their situation in their IRS standoff.    Ed invited strangers into his home during the standoff to help fight the Fed's, against my advice, and one of them was a Federal Agent, who kept trying to hang up the phone on me and my advice for Ed.  The agent finally took over and arrested Ed and Elaine, and they are still in prison.

The problem with making brandishing statements about your gun possession and ownership, as I saw and see with R. Lee Wrights, is that no one is gonna come help you if the government decides to come to your house and get your guns.  If you piss off the fed's with your gun rights claims, they are gonna flip a coin and use you for target practice for some branch of the military.  I've lived this stuff, folks.

The fact is that we have dropped in gun ownership in America from about 35% of the population to about 25% of the population in recent years, according to a Bill Moyer's tv show I saw on PBS this past week.  The government is pushing out gun ownership in the U. S. just like they are pushing out smoking.

So what do we do?  Well, you either get yourself a real big mutual defense pact and use it to the death, or you abolish the state conception of life by running candidates for office who will refuse the oath when elected, as I've been working to do.  A vote for Gene Chapman is a vote for your gun ownership without having to kill the whole U. S. Military in the process.  Those are your two choices.

Gene Chapman
[Endorsed by Dr. Noam Chomsky (Intellectual of the Age) and Dr. Ravindra Kumar (World's Most Prominent Gandhian Intellectual)]