Saturday, April 12, 2014

Day Four of the Glass Fast

Three days ago:  "I am asking all those who care that the LP message not be compromised by Tom and Kathie Glass to the outside world to please join me in four days of daylight fasting, from now till sundown on Saturday night. Let us focus on Truth and non-violence, as we seek to become one with Truth. The still moments will guide the world to liberty."

Whether the forces of Glass duo darkness win today or the forces of Libertarian Light win today, we are still a long way from home.  The marriage of the National Socialist Republicans and the Global Marxist Democrats in what I term the Demopublican Comunofascist Party still seek to enslave the individual to the collectivist state.  The battle for Liberty will be won or lost in the minds of the youth.  

If Glass should win the nomination, I urge you to buy 10 copies of "Libertarianism In One Lesson" and give one to every member of the LP you know.  If Liberty should win today, buy 10 copies of "Libertarianism In On Lesson" and give one out to every person you would like to be a Libertarian Party member.  We must have libertarians before we can have libertarian culture, and the only way that can happen is for solid libertarian materials to be in the hands and faces of the people inside and outside libertarianism.  

See you all at the event tonight beginning at 8 p. m., where I shall end the fast at sundown.  

And if Liberty should win today, sing a chorus of "Ding Dong The Witch is Dead" for me.

Gene Chapman, CEO
Libertarian Global Library and Book Exchange

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Day Two of the Fast Begins:

I am asking all those who care that the LP message not be compromised by Tom and Kathie Glass to the outside world to please join me in four days of daylight fasting, from now till sundown on Saturday night. Let us focus on Truth and non-violence, as we seek to become one with Truth. The still moments will guide the world to liberty.

Gene Chapman

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Important Question for Kathie Glass that All Should be Asking Her:

Kathie, you and Tom drive a big black flashy Escalade that looks like it came right out of a presidential motorcade.  Tom says he has a master's degree in business from Harvard, as I remember.  You graduated top of your class and hold a J. D., as I remember reading your claims.  (Both degrees are common among federal agents, as I used to guard Air Force One jets during maintenance at the TSTI Airport at night, while attending Baylor University in 1993, and I later helped Spacial Agent Byron Sage pick though David Koresh's theology during the Branch Davidian Situation that same year.  I've seen a few federal agents in my time, but I digress.)  You, being a member of the bar, are an officer of the court, already a government operative.  You and Tom avoid and never answer my questions directly, and try continuously to get me kicked off and out of various discussions, attributes I've only seen in individuals who later turned out to be federal agents.  You are trying to take the helm of the Libertarian Party of Texas with ideas that are very Republican, and it is clear that you are unfamiliar with the central concepts of libertarianism.  Kathie, why should we believe you and Tom are not federal agents?  If it looks like a duck . . . .

Gene Chapman

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Libertarian Library Night In Temple, Texas, April 12th

Libertarian Library Night In Temple, Texas, April 12th

We will be hearing from U. S. Senate Candidate Jon Roland for the Libertarian Party at 8 p. m. on April 12th in Temple, Texas at a privately disclosed location across town from the LP Convention (214-770-8053/ He will discuss his interactions withMilton Friedman while studying at the University of Chicago, along with his vision for the future. (For you younger folks, who wish to be a Libertarian Intellectual Giant one day, Milton Friedman is someone you want to know about and study.) We'll pass the hat for Jon, to help in covering his cost of travel and campaigning, as well.

I will be showing "Star Wars" afterward for those 21 and older in a beer drinking game. We will have a couple of cases of Miller longnecks on ice that will be used in the following fashion beginning at 9 p. m. Each time the character with whom you self identify appears on screen, you take a swig of beer. Each time the Emperor or Darth Vader appears on screen, we all take a swig of beer.

I'll share a few brief thoughts about "End The Fed," by Ron Paul and his views of how "scapegoating" of latinos is a misdirect away from the real problem of central banking and unsound money, that a gold standard presents the positive solution, not scapegoating latinos.

I woud also like to brainstorm concerning the development of a board of directors and funding of an endowment for an Austin Libertarian College to open 10 to 15 years from now.

Gene Chapman, CEO
Libertarian Global Library and Book Exchange 214-770-8053

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I'm Game

I see that "none of the above" is becoming a topic of interest for the gubernatorial post. As I ran as the de-facto- "non of the above" candidate for Texas Governor this cycle, I remind you all that I did sign all the appropriate paperwork to be the LP nominee, but I was removed by the Chair because of a fear that my nomination might jeopardize ballot access were I nominated. If you are gonna risk losing ballot access with a "none of the above" vote anyway, you are welcome to put my name down. If I get the nomination, it will create a constitutional crisis because I refused to sign an oath of allegiance to the ten planks of "The Communist Manifesto" and a host of other laws that no one can honesty read or interpret without a supreme court present anyway. (The oath required by the Sec. of State sets up everyone who takes it to a lie and a compromise with Truth.) My nomination would force a court case over 1st amendment respect of religious opposition to making oaths to temporal laws/ constitutions. (They control us with the oath, you see.) This would create all kinds of cracks to develop "non of the above" voting rights/ laws. The ball is in your court. I'm game.

Gene Chapman

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Democratic Socialist Paradigm of Kathie Glass

It is no secret that I am a Gandhian in the sense that I worship God as Truth Only, and I have no real problem with collectivism in a stateless environment, as is shown in the libertarian socialism of Gandhiji, my Internet co-hort Noam Chomsky, etc.  I am not a libertarian socialist, which, in my studies, requires a stateless society in order to exist, by the way.  I am a Tolstoyan ("swear not"--give no allegiance to Caesar/ government by oath or affirmation), Gandhian (One who worships God as Truth Only), Rothbardian ( anarco-capitalist, Ron Paul) Libertarian (You do it your way, I'll do it mine).

The demarkation line that concerns me is that any attempt at libertarian socialism within the state conception of life (for a local public school, for example) becomes democratic socialism (Mandela. King), and this represents the violence of the state, if utilized at any level.  There is no ultimate local control under the state conception of life, and I see no evidence of Kathie Glass endorsing a stateless society.

Therefore, I am forced to conclude she is operating under the false hope of developing a libertarian socialist paradigm in her free public school proposal, while in reality endorsing the violence of democratic socialism.  Remember, Marxism is insidious.  If you let it in the door, it will grow until it chokes out everything in the greenhouse.  Government indoctrination day camps for children (10th Plank of "The Communist Manifesto") is not benign.

Gene Chapman, CEO
Libertarian Global Library and Book Exchange

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Libertarian Library Movie Night Update

The new Cesar Chavez movie was a master's course in political non-violent change.  It is the story of the state manipulating laws and opportunity into the hands of the owners/ grape growers and against the farm worker's free market attempts to raise pay for themselves, who simply wanted to collectively bargain for higher wages than $2.00 a day.

President Nixon opened grape markets to Europe and would buy any oversupply for the military to ensure the growers an upper hand with the Chavez group.  Chavez goes to Europe, and the manipulations of the state are overcome.

There is nothing un-libertarian about a group wanting to get together to contract for work with a grower. If five guys want to deal with me to mow my lawn together, it is a fine free market act.  Now, if those five guys get a law passed that I can only do business with their group, then the free market is circumvented.  In every case, the state was a manifestation of a violent manipulation of the market against freedom.

Gene Chapman, CEO
Libertarian Global Library and Book Exchange