Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Chapman Weighing Options

1)  I've got a proposal to run as an Independent, but I'm trying to unify the two basic veins of libertarianism into a stronger movement:  combining the state-centric libertarians (the Libertarian Party proper) and the vast philosophical anarchist community of libertarians (Tolstoyan Christians, Gandhians, Rothbardians, Rockwellians, Buddhists, etc.).  While my run as an Independent would further teach Tolstoy's anarchist views, I'm not sure how running as an Independent would unify libertarians of both veins.

2)  I am being asked to forward the letter receive by the Texas LP Chair on yesterday to the ACLU for further action toward changing the religious bigotry intrinsic to the Texas Constitution against Tolstoyan Christians, Buddhists and Gandhians.  I should be getting a copy of the letter in a few days to forward.

Gene Chapman