Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Just Spoke to the Texas Ethics Commission

1)  They say I'm not in trouble till I hit $2,500, so I'm in good shape there.

2)  They say I can't commingle my personal bank account with my campaign account, so we need to get that fixed before we take any linked donations.

3)  Donations to the Libertarian Global Library and Book Exchange rather than a donation to the campaign are not a violation, so we're good there.

4)  The Secretary of State and ballot access are totally separate issues from campaign finances, so we're good there.

5)  My campaign treasurer being in Illinois is fine, so we're good there.

6)  I have three (3) forms I personally need to downloaded and get filled from the Texas Ethics Commission website in the next few weeks.

And we're in business.

Gene Chapman
[Endorsed by Dr. Noam Chomsky (Intellectual of the Age) and Dr. Ravindra Kumar (World's Most Prominent Gandhian Intellectual)]