Friday, December 6, 2013

Chapman Seeks Face to Face Meeting With Joel and Victoria Osteen

Chapman Seeks Face to Face Meeting With Joel and Victoria Osteen

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Gene Chapman Gene Chapman/ Endorsed by Noam Chomsky, Ravindra Kumar and Bishop T. D. Jakes.
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Gene Chapman Thank you. I thought that was the case. I would like to arrange a trip to Houston on a Saturday to discuss Leo Tolstoy's ideas ("The Kingdom Of God is Within You") used by Mahatma Gandhi to free India with Mr. and Mrs. Osteen. We need to educate people in what the Kingdom is so that we may abolish the state, as was Christ's instruction in "The Sermon on the Mount." If the Osteens are not familiar with Tolstoy's famous book, I'd be happy to send them a copy free of charge before the meeting.