Tuesday, November 12, 2013

R. Lee Wrights Finally Appears in Texas Gubernatorial Discussion.

  • Question for Gene?
    Question: "Mr. Chapman, how do you and R. Lee Wrights differ in your run for Texas Governor?"

    Answer: Well, Lee is supportive of the "state conception of life," as Leo Tolstoy would put it, while I am a philosophical anarchist in line with Lew Rockwell, Economist Murray Rothbard, Leo Tolstoy, Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus Christ and the Dalai Lama, etc.

    If you really want to stop the Dallas Police and other police departments from killing our mentally handicapped citizens in their front yards, for example, as we see on the news month-after-month here in Texas, then what better way than to abolish the state conception of life in favor of Tolstoy's Kingdom conception of life (a libertarian stateless society driven by conscience)?

    Lee's postions are not publicized on his campaign website the last time I checked, so it is hard to say where else we would differ at this point.

    If you go to my website, you know in about 15 or 20 posts pretty much what I'm about. If you go to every other candiate's website, including Lee's, you only have a highly managed spot presentation of what they are about. People say they want openness in their candidates. I'm prepared to wear a live streaming camera on my person to show what I'm about (in the shower, if they want it).

    Gene Chapman,
    Tolstoyan-Gandhian Libertarian Candidate for Texas Governor
    [(Endorsed by Dr. Noam Chomsky, Intellectual of the Age) and Dr. Ravindra Kumar (World's Most Prominent Gandhian Intellectual)]

    R. Lee Wrights I'll thank Mr. Chapman, or anyone else, to NOT speak for me and my beliefs. I have never met Mr. Chapman, so he hardly has the proper knowledge of me to express my views for me.
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  • Gene Chapman Well Lee, 1) are you working to abolish the state conception of life or not? I don't see any attempt to abolish the state from what I can read about your views. 2) I honestly can't comment too much on your beliefs, as your positions are not up on your campaign website.

    Gene Chapman "Government should be" That's right off Lee Wrights' Texas Gubernatorial website. How am I misrepresenting your views, Lee? I think I'm being pretty tame and spot on, Lee.  I believe 'Government should not be,' and I suggest that you spoke for your own beliefs on your own campaign website. I simply read your beliefs, and because I am a well educated individual with the endorsement of two of the most respected minds on earth, I transferred the unequivocal meaning of your statement "Government should be" to my answer. Pretty simple, Lee.