Sunday, June 16, 2013

To Atheists and Pro-Choice Libertarians

One should not be concerned about a Gandhian being a libertarian, given that there is a large atheistic and pro-choice population in the Libertarian Party in the United States.  Yes, we Gandhians pull from all religions, all economic systems and all philosophies.  We internalize what we can and place what we cannot on a shelf until it can be internalized.  This shelving comes from Buddhism, a religion that is atheistic.  Because of the Truth Only focus of Gandhian Philosophy, it can operate equally in both a theistic and non-theistic paradigm.

When we pull from the Sermon on the Mount, we are simply recognizing a brilliant insight by Jesus of Nazareth to direct humankind toward peace on earth, peace being the natural outcome of Truth Only.  Truth needs no defense, you see.

Also, it might surprise some that Gandhiji left the door open to abortion, and it has impacted my approach over time.  I see abortion as a moral choice that should be examined by those involved without economic consideration.  Beyond this, I have no position on abortion.  We seek a stateless conscience driven society, as is expressed in Tolstoy's works on the Sermon on the Mount.  What you and your local society determine is right, without state coercion, is what peace on earth is all about.

"Judge not in all circumstances" -- Leo Tolstoy.

Gene Chapman,
Tolstoyan-Gandhian Libertarian for Texas Governor