Monday, January 6, 2014

We Need to Expand Investigations of Tom Glass' Actions in Campaigns

This guy has been busted twice trying to undermine my campaign by two different sources.  He has upset these ladies with the XXXXXXX Tea Party, huffin' and puffin' against me.  Another says he has used "venom" in discussing my name.  That is not his role, as he is the husband of a competing candidate.  He should have recused himself and someone else should have contacted me about my candidacy if there was an issue.

Months ago, before there was a paperwork issue, I had news interviews dry up right under my feet with no explanation and the invitation to the Amarillo Tea Party just disappeared one day, and no one knew why.  

I had an interview with the Amarillo newspaper.   They were gonna do a week of interconnected stories on me.  I put it out on the Intent and three days later they wouldn't take my calls.

I'm not the bad apple here.

But don't worry about me leaving the LP.  I have a mission now:  The removal of anything called unethical (Glass) from power.  

Gene Chapman