Friday, January 17, 2014

Library Devolpment

I am seeing a path for the Libertarian Global Library and Book Exchange to develop, as I interact with several Libertarian groups in Houston.  If we can get ten grown ups in a metropolitan area to put together $100 a month each for the library, then we can coordinate rent on a nice but humble space and payment of heat and air conditioning, along with maintenance of a 100 book library in each location.  We could seek to have each library location near a university or even law school, as law schools turn out the people who generally end up ruling over us in government.  

We would give out keys to all the major players, so each group and donor would have access to the library for liberty-centric events and study.  We would need a volunteer general manager to supervise the overall activities, so the a/c doesn't get left on forever and groups are sure to not be dominated by a single personality.

We want this to be a free area of study for students and even scholars who may not know about Rothbard or the Austrian School of Economics, etc.

So, $1,000 a months handles a nice but humble building for each library in an average metropolitan location.  A GM would loosely handle the overall activities.  And the world gains access to face-to-face interactions with libertarian books and people to create the full learning experience (critical thought).

Gene Chapman, CEO
Libertarian Global Library and Book Exchange