Monday, January 13, 2014

Interesting Exchange

Well, you ask a mountain of questions.  I'm a Tolstoyan ("swear not" -- give no allegiance to Caesar/ government, by oath or affirmation) Gandhian (one who worships God as Truth Only) Rothbardian (anarchist) Libertarian (you do it your way, I do it mine).  

I personally believe as we focus on "Truth and non-violence" (Gandhiji), a proper peaceful self governing world will present itself over time.  I believe that world is somewhere between Gandhiji's libertarian socialism and Rothbard's stateless society. I believe it is somewhere between my friend Noam Chomsky's Anarco-syndicalism and Lew Rockwell's Anarco-capitialism, but I do not push one direction or another.  I push for the lessening of state violence through education.  I push for knowledge to wash the earth, along with my mind, clean of ignorance.

Gene Chapman, CEO
Libertarian Global Library and Book Exchange

Subject: Libertarian Library
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2014 13:58:21 -0500

Dear Gene,

I am XXXX  XXXXX, we conversed briefly on Facebook a few days ago about the Communism versus Capitalist / Democratic Society violence. I am looking through the blog you founded.

The ideas are terrific. It appears to be at the psychological level versus ideology. Some people believe that we can  approach our world from the intellectual level, still others philosophically, others force majeure by whatever the existing system of government and finance there is at the time (the go along, get along life). 

How do you see a world transformation to a libertarian mindset? How would you go from the "tragedy of the commons" to a more enlightened society? Is it strategy or the collision of ideas or ignorance mixed with religion(s) of all stripes?

I think at a basic level self reliance is a place to start but perhaps that is too much to ask for.

Where in the garden of ideas do you see your blog style? Who is it focused at? How did you choose your target or does the target choose you?

What is the target or solution you see that self propels a society? How do we dis-empower those who would continue to enslave us all without becoming slavers ourselves?