Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Dynamics of Slavery and Kathie Glass

1)  Taxation of the labor of un-condemned free persons.

2)  Taxation of the intrinsic value of property of un-condemned free persons (property being the physical manifestation of labor).

3)  Numbering un-condemned free persons as cattle.  (Kathie Glass supports E-verify and the possible loss of a business license if E-verify is not used for employment checks.  People have to be numbered for E-verify to work.  Also is indicative of the mark of the beast concept in the Christian religion:  Revelation 13:16.)

4)  Observation and control of the physical location of un-condemned free persons.

5)  Observation and Control of the activities and interrelationships of un-condemned free persons.

6)  Control of weapon possession of un-condemned free persons.

7)  Control of education and information flow of un-condemned free persons.  (Kathie Glass openly supports the 10th plank of "The Communist Manifesto" on her campaign website:  Government indoctrination day camps for children.)

8)  Control of the monetary system/ activities of un-condemnd free persons.

Kathie Glass -- Wrong for liberty, right for slavery.