Sunday, January 5, 2014

Police to Be Present at Tea Party Event/


I called to get dinner reservations for a guest and myself at the XXXXX Tea Party event on the 9th, and XXXXXX XXXXXXXX (XXX-XXX-XXXX) told me that Mr. Glass has worn them out to their last nerve, demanding that I be taken off the invite list.  She told me that they were no longer taking his calls, as a result.

I told her that I would be happy to just bring my books and bumper stickers to pass out to keep the peace and that speaking to a group for 3 minutes was not the end of the world for me.  She said that if I could get placed back on the official candidate list before the 9th that she would stand up to Mr. Glass.  

They are planning to have police present to make sure there is no trouble.  I assured her that I'm Gandhian, committed to non-violence, so there would be no problems from my end.  I was quite surprised that Mr. Glass was that threatening to ladies trying to put together a meal for a social event. 

Clearly, Mr. Glass has and is engaged in an assassination of my campaign hopes at every level on behalf of his wife.  And he is not representing the Texas LP well to these women.  (If I were running for dog catcher in El Paso, do you think he would place this much effort into hurting my campaign?)  This nepotism is not moral and should be addressed by his removal from Texas LP leadership.

I should be placed back on the candidate list for Texas Governor, as there is no Texas law or Texas LP mandate that requires me to be removed.  (In fact, XXXXXXX told me my paperwork was good before, I expect, Mr. Glass got involved and had me removed form the candidate list.)  Were I to become the Texas LP nominee, I would simply create a very public social, political and constitutional problem for the IRS parties, as you put it so often.

Plus, you are watching me in discussions with a top Former Mises Fellow, an economist from a top Texas university telling me that he is 100% on board with my campaign.  I'm just trying to get him to make it public.

Who else is gonna bring Mises economists into the LP fold?

Gene Chapman