Monday, January 20, 2014

Chapman Dialogues With Presidential Candiate Robby Wells

Robby Wells:  Gene, if you are going to bash me before you know me, then unfriendly me. Qualifications you say? I venture to say that those with political experience have gotten this country in a mess. Career politician I am not. Former CEO, business owner, military service, and author I am. Common sense approach in my humble opinion, and since you mentioned you are on your way to a degree, I have a BA, MEd, and 33 hours towards a PhD. See if your favorite candidate will dialogue with you as well. Respectfully!

Gene:  To be viable, you need to show me three basic things. 1) Economics anywhere on your educational background, 2) Opposition to all 10 planks of "The Communist Manifesto" and 3) Opposition to "the eight dynamics of slavery." I'd endorse anyone with those qualifications for President. 

Gene Chapman, CEO 
Libertarian Global Library and Book Exchange. 

If you can give me that, I'll back you to the moon.