Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Libertarian School Update

The Libertarian School (book club), a two hour monthly meeting for open readings of books pertaining to Libertarianism anywhere on earth that you want to host one, has the following groups so far:

1)  Houston, TX:  The Houston Libertarian School is discussing dates for their first meeting.  I'll attend if I can, but I'm not the main thing.  You folks are the ones who are the back bone to keep these readings going strong and build strong Libertarians over time.  I have 100 million more Libertarian Schools to push, so don't hold the wagon for me.

2)  Ft. Worth, TX:  We have a group in Ft. Worth, Texas, who will have their first meeting soon.  We are also kicking around the idea of a "Libertarian Tea Room," a small hole-in-the-wall tea and coffee house serving tea and coffee (what else?) to university students near a campus here in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area that will have to pay for itself.  Whether we want to make it a profit center to help expand the Libertarian message worldwide in a kind of Star Bucks global domination effort or just self sufficient is the topic of discussion now.

3)  Columbia, MO:  We have a Libertarian School already running in a bi-weekly study of Mises/ Rothbardian economic ideas in Columbia, MO.  This has already been going before us, but they are of the same cloth, and the studies are operated by a Ph. D. student.

4)  Nacogdoches, TX:  We have a commuter to Nacogdoches, who might be able to make contact through the week for a local Libertarian School (book club).

100 million more Libertarian Schools (book clubs) to go.

Gene Chapman, CEO
Libertarian Global Library and Book Exchange