Saturday, October 12, 2013

Watched the Robert Reich Film: "Inequality for All"

The film was ok.  He's trying a Milton Friedman approach, and I respect that.  It gets your message out over the crowd.

I agree that unionization is missing in America, if we want labor wages to catch up with executive pay in any way.  I'm for Gandhian (non-violent) unions but not Marxist (violent) unions.

I would like to have seen him give time to the impact of monetary expansion on price inflation and the resulting impact upon labor wages over time without a minimum wage.

Of course, I'd love to see him incorporate Tolstoy into the mix.

Gene Chapman,
Tolstoyan-Gandhian Libertarian Candidate for Texas Governor
(Endorsed by Dr. Noam Chomsky, Intellectual of the Age)