Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Idea to Drive up Votes Nationwide for the LP in Nov. 2014 Vote

1)  We rent an auditorium on the SMU campus in Dallas as close as we can get to the George W. Bush Library.

2)  We have Dr. Ron Paul (10 time U. S. Congressman and 3 time U. S. Presidential candidate),
Dr. Noam Chomsky (eighth most cited author in History on the All Time List) and Padma Shri Laureate Dr. Ravindra Kumar (World's Most Prominent Gandhian Intellectual) on a three person panel to discuss:

3)  "Libertarianism:  The Global Path Ahead."

4)  We hold the two hour evening event on October 25th or November 1, 2014, just days before election day.

5)  Question Agenda:

1)  Define Libertarianism and explore differences.
2)  Is George W. Bush a war criminal and should war criminals be prosecuted?
3)  Is Monsanto evil and how should libertarianism proceed on crop issues?
4)  How much gun control is too much?
5)  Is Obamacare a good idea?
6)  Should there be abortion laws?
7)  etc.
8)  Is there a path ahead for Libertarianism?

Outcome:  Libertarian minded people are excited to vote for libertarian candidates across America, as we may draw news attention from all over the nation and even the world, especially with Dr. Kumar there from India.  Ballot access issue relative to voting addressed, as LP votes climb to highest possible levels one could expect.

Gene Chapman