Sunday, October 13, 2013

Securing Our Borders From Libertarians?

If you think it through, the most libertarian people in Texas are the so-called "illegal aliens."  They don't recognize the border.  They get jobs in a free market environment, and they are off the grid of the Marxist state.  They are not numbered as cattle, taxed in labor or taxed in the intrinsic value of property, the three primary attributes of slavery in antiquity.  We could learn a lot about being Libertarians from  so-called "illegal aliens."

Tell Kathy Glass that this is the Libertarian Party, not the farm team for the Marxists/ national socialist Republican Party.  We believe in open borders, not secured borders against libertarian minded Mexicans.  And to our latino friends, come on into the Libertarian Party;  it's where you belong.

Gene Chapman,
Tolstoyan-Gandhian Libertarian Candidate for Texas Governor
(Endorsed by Dr. Noam Chomsky, Intellectual of the Age)