Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Requirements for Texas Gubernatorial Election

Dear Dr. Chomsky:

I wonder if you would like to help me frame a complaint to the Texas Secretary of State?  They have a form that I can download and either email or regular mail to them.  I find the electoral requirements for write-in candidates to be unnecessary and intentionally cumbersome.


Write-in candidates [edit]

". . .  the person may still run as a write-in candidate. The candidate must either:[19]
  • pay a $3,750 filing fee,[20] or
  • submit 5,000 qualified signatures.[21] However, the petition must be filed by 5:00 pm of the 70th day before general election day, and cannot be filed earlier than 30 days before this deadline.[22]

Gene here:  I wonder if there is a requirement to sign an oath?  This might be something that will need to change in Texas' electoral law if Tolstoy's vision is to be made real.  Can't take any oaths, so we'll have to make the law fit us.

And another point:  Why is there a fee or a signature requirement to be on a Texas ballot as a write-in candidate?  You mean Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Fred Flintstone and a whole range of cartoon characters have bee disenfranchised from Texas politics all these years, and no one even knew they were throwing their vote away?

I might as well seek ballot access.

Gene Chapman,
Tolstoyian-Gandhian Libertarian Candiate for Texas Governor
(Endorsed by Dr. Noam Chomsky)