Sunday, May 26, 2013

Chapman on Tom Pauken: Candiate for Texas Governor

Wikipedia states:  "On August 21, 2006, Governor Rick Perry named Pauken to chairman [sic] the Texas Task Force on Appraisal Reform (TFAR) to study and make recommendations on how to address Texans' continuing concerns over property appraisals.[2] In March 2008, Perry appointed Pauken chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC),[3] which administers state unemployment compensation benefits, provides workforce development services, and maintains and issues state labor market data."

Gene Chapman response to these:

1)  The state has no moral claim to the intrinsic value of one's property, and where there is no moral claim, there is no legitimate legal claim.

2)  The free market is the best means to gain employment for citizens, as we see in Milton Friedman's PBS Special on Hong Kong, and the stateless society is the only free market there is.  

The Texas Workforce Commission is inept at training, based on my experiences in college gaining a Welding degree [Mountain View College, Pi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Welding Student of the Year (2010-11), Physics Student of the Year (2010-11)].  It brought students into our welding classes for grossly insufficient training periods of weeks rather than the required years, and I knew of none of our teachers or administrators who believed the training periods were sufficient (I interacted with all of them).  The result was a hundred pointlessly trained people in a field they did not even gain a degree in, much less gain entry level experience, all on the backs of tax payers.  The best solution is the free market, one where an employer picks the person they wish to train and pays them a training wage as their skill level increases.

Do not take oaths (ends the state and all its systems of violence).

Gene Chapman,
Tolstoyian-Gandhian Libertarian Candiate for Texas Governor