Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Taking Another Class

I've been taking my first Electronics class this semester, and I'm making a 100% grade so far (yea!).  After I spent a substantial portion of my 30's fighting the IRS (personal income tax), with them acting with impunity agasint me (taking my bank account without a court hearing, jailing me to control me, etc.), I realized that nothing in this world is outside their ability to steal and abuse, but one:  Education.  It is for this reason that I continue to invest in my education, and I encourage you to do the same.

In my interactions with tax protester Noam Chomsky, I realized that the IRS attacking him would be counterproductive, as his respected position in the world would only stand to undermine the IRS at every turn.  It's hard for a bunch of government thugs to lock up, embarrass and humiliate a guy with three Ph. D.'s, for example.

The path I choose to fight the IRS is via intellectual superiority, to become Ludwig von Mises, not just admire him.  You would be wise to do the same, if your goal is to overthrow Marxism and national socialism in favor of libertarianism.

Gene Chapman, CEO
Libertarian Global Library and Book Exchange