Saturday, February 15, 2014

Question for Gene

Question:  "Mr. Chapman, what do you think is the number one challenge for libertarians?"

Gene's Answer:  The number one threat to the development of a libertarian society is perceived poverty, the perceived scarcity of resources of cultures and regions to improve their situation.  This includes healthcare, proper food and water access, educational opportunity, personal security, housing, etc.  It is the opportunity for upward mobility from where one perceives themselves to be now.

For each individual these areas I list mean different things.  That is the hard part.

I would like to see libertarians move on two fronts to move the world toward a more libertarian mindset:

First, medical doctors are best positioned to address the issues I list.  To mitigate poverty, libertarians should move into the medical fields in order to share our resources with others, along with our philosophy.  It's hard to attack people who are your healers in every area.

Second, a libertarian society, one in which we are free to determine our own paths, requires a highly educated population.  We must get knowledgeable ourselves in all matters, so we become the expert voice in all areas, the sage, so to speak, who guides the larger population.  (Don't let the Marxist -- state forced collectivist -- dominate any conversation as the expert, which demands study and degrees on our part.)

Gene Chapman, CEO
Libertarian Global Library and Book Exchange