Friday, February 7, 2014

Open Borders: Mises Institute v. Kathie Glass

It is my purpose to promote a coherent presentation of libertarianism via the library.  As such, I am forced to take a position opposed to that of Kathie Glass, a candidate running for Texas Governor under the Libertarian Party brand.  Dangers are everywhere for a political party that separates from its central goals and philosophy, as we saw in early 20th Century Germany, for example.  We must hold true to who we are, or we will be nothing separate from the others.

I turn your attention to page 195 of "Labor Economics From A Free Market Perspective:  Employing the Unemployable," by Walter Block, a publication I purchased days ago for $29 from the Mises Book Store.  "[M]erely by appearing at our shores, particularly at the invitation of a citizen and property owner, cannot be said by that fact alone to have initiated violence against an innocent person." 

Block goes into anarco-capitialsm, as the lengthy book portion goes on into more detail, so there is no pro-border position for Glass to assume. 

No disrespect to Kathie Glass, but her opposition to foreigners getting access to the 10th plank of "The Communist Manifesto," (government indoctrination day camps for children/ so-called, "free public schools") represents a redirect away from libertarianism more associated with the national socialism of the Republican Party.  The problem is that government is involved in the educational process at all, per Murray N. Rothbard's "For a New Liberty:  The Libertarian Manifesto."  Libertarians oppose the 10th plank altogether, and then border securement logically has no relationship to education.

Borders are not walls that keep the freedom in;  rather, they are walls that keep the freedom moot.  And the racism intrinsic to the Glass position is not libertarianism in any context.

Gene Chapman, CEO
Libertarian Global Library and Book Exchange