Saturday, February 8, 2014

Obamacare Frees us From "Job-Lock?"

Ok, PBS says tonight that Obamacare is estimated to lower the job market by 2.5 million over the next 10 years, per the Office of Budget and Management.  This helps free people who do not wish to work (known as "job lock"), but are forced to work to maintain their insurance policies prior to Obamacare.

Well, Mr. Obama, I am job-locked too, and I need the government's help to free me.  I have to work a job to maintain food in my belly, a roof over my head and, yes, to pay your new tax/ insurance bills.

If I didn't have to work, I could lay around and watch tv all day.  And if you would just speed up my social security benefits to meet my 47 year old needs instead of waiting until I'm 62, I could go lay on the beach in Hawaii and look at all the pretty girls from dawn to dusk.

I'm "job-locked," Mr. Obama.  Free me!  Make these other bastards pay more taxes so I can lay back!

Gene Chapman, CEO
Libertarian Global Library and Book Exchange