Sunday, February 9, 2014

Kathie Glass: "Ants"

I suppose if I were from Georgia, where I understand Kathie Glass is from, racism against latinos would be a norm, so her use of the term,"ants," to describe latinos crossing the border between Texas and Mexico is at least understood, while not appreciated in a politician.

The problem from my end is that I was born here in Texas in 1966.  The men who built fence on my father's farm were Mexican and taught my father Spanish, the Spanish I used to hear my father sing along too on the car radio when I was a little boy.  My sister has a mother who is an "ant," by Kathie Glass standards.  A house full of "ants" are sleeping about 20 yards from me right now, as I write this:  my neighbors.  Down the street are more houses full of "ants."  I call them my friends.  I got my hair cut by an "ant" today next door to the local latino shopping center where I like to buy my food.

In early 2001, I moved to El Paso to see if I could make a go of it on 20 acres of sand I bought a few years before.  The job I got was as a marketing manager for an alfalfa and pecan farm on the Rio Grande River.  It was like a old Western novel to live those months there.  You could throw a rock from the edge of the farm and hit a bus stop on the Mexican side of the river.  The men who worked along side me were very hurt at the least white reference to their presumed inferiority, so I learned to be very careful not to offend, as it has never been my nature to do such a thing to anyone on racial lines.  I learned to eat the melon under the giant cottonwood trees there on the river when they offered in order to show that I was not too good to eat with them.  After months, I was eating in their homes, on occasion.  And they live a good life there, let me tell you.

What we need in Texas is not more Kathie Glass politicians from Georgia telling us who our family members should be or when a river should be crossed.  People down on the Mexican border have been crossing that river for 500 years with no problem.  That presumed problem is a government created problem.  Hell, the people we pissed of in the Middle East don't even come at us through Mexico anyway;  they come through their established communities in Detroit and Ontario, up North.  And if we would give them a fair shake, we wouldn't even have them pissed at us.

Kathie Glass has a long way to go to be ready to lead anything in Texas, especially a political party that gains for some odd reason the power to push people around and even kill them in the name of the state. Have you ever heard of something so ridiculous as a racist libertarian?

Gene Chapman. CEO
Libertarian Global Library and Book Exchange

  • Kevin Pick Why not quote Kathie Glass in your article? Here is what she said:

    “That’s not the way for Texas," she said. "We should secure our border at the border. The Arizona-style interrogation, after people have become integrated in the community, is like my ants in my pantry, and I want to remove them one at a time and take them outside.”

    I don't find that racist but I do find your article disingenuous. Could you please at least quote her, in the name of honesty and integrity?
  • Gene Chapman Jeff, can you comment on this?
  • Gene Chapman Jeff is looking at it. I'm still not impressed with her border securement, her use of insects to describe Mexicans or . . . .
  • Jeff Daiell The quotation is from The Texas Tribune. Ms. Youngblood-Glass has since claimed she actually said "ants in my panties", which she apparently is too ignorant of politics to realize is not the way to speak if she wants to be taken seriously as a candidate for Governor.

  • Kevin Pick Thank you for responding to my concerns. 

    All specifics aside, I think any article that discusses a quote from someone ought to have that quote somewhere in the article. Therefore, this article would be greatly improved by starting it off with "On XX day, XXX person stated XXX to XXX."
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  • Jeff Daiell The interview was right after her nomination in 2010.