Thursday, February 13, 2014

I Like What I See So Far:

Kathy has spent her entire life in the southern Indiana area.  She was born in Corydon, graduated from New Albany High School, and currently lives in Elizabeth with her husband John.  She is the mother of two, as well as a grandmother of two.  The past few years she has had the luxury of being a stay at home grandma.  Her husband has been employed by a local auto dealership since 1984. 

Since 9/11 Kathy has followed national politics closely, and has watched the freedom of American citizens be systematically exchanged for a false sense of security.  She has witnessed the futures of her children and grandchildren being borrowed against, through our government's inability to function within their means.  In 2012 Kathy was elected as a Delegate to Indiana’s Republican Party.

In 2011, when her opponent took office the national debt was at an unmanageable $14T and the debt to GDP ratio was 94%.  Today it is an overwhelming $17.3T with a debt to GDP ratio of 107%.  Each and every American citizen, including Kathy’s granddaughters, holds approximately $54,600 as their share of the national debt.

Kathy Lowe-Heil does not have a law degree or a PhD.  She is an average American citizen, that has experienced the pain of working all week, to take home half her earnings.  She has tried to live within a budget.  But, the government continues to take more and more of what they believe is their fair share.  She has cut out most luxuries and cut quality on necessities.  Kathy knows that as long as middle income Americans have little or no disposable income, there is no hope for job creation.  Like you and me she is 
sick and tired of being sick and tired.  She does not have wealth or big business cronies; she does not have a political bloodline.  Kathy Lowe-Heil is a typical taxpaying citizen, the kind our Forefathers intended to run this country. She has enough courage to stand up and say she has had enough, and she is asking you to join the fight to save the American dream.

Please join us on May 6 to elect Kathy Lowe-Heil as the next U.S. Representative to Indiana’s 9th Congressional District.