Sunday, September 15, 2013

Question for Gene:

Question:  "Mr. Chapman, please explain what government would look like under your approach."

Gene's answer:  In my approach to government, I would have what Gandhiji referred to as a "village republic," a group of a few hundred people in a local area would get together in a kind of Quaker democracy and determine in absolute equality what was right and wrong for their common needs (i. e. roads, sewer, water, etc.).  They could be informed by local university professors, etc., but the decisions would be up to the members of the community, not paid politicians in distant lands.

There would be no gun control laws in a stateless society, so violent crime would be counterproductive.  Corporations, if they could even exist without a state to charter them, would probably have a hard time enforcing patents.  I'm thinking of Monsanto, for example, as there would be no state law enforcement to protect them from citizens dealing with the violence Monsanto board members impose upon citizens.  The board members would be people down the street with whom a farmer could talk, like neighbors.  You can't be an ass and get away with it in my world.  You're just another guy down the street.

I expect nuclear weapons would come under the control of universities for dismantling and reuse of the technology for non-violent purposes.  (Keep in mind, we are a long way morally from where I want people to be, right now.  The state conception of life has us currently dreaming of war each night, not peace on earth.  I'm trying to turn a ship as large as humanity, and that takes time.)

For our Star Wars enthusiasts, I envision a kind of "Jedi Council" be available among our universities to think on big problems, like asteroids hitting earth and the like.  But no one operates with more than social capital.  There are no forced anything by a group of central thinkers.

Were I elected Governor of Texas without the requirement to swear an oath or affirm, I'd be happy to serve on a council of the willing to find ways via social capital alone to dismantle the current Keynesian-Marxist system that so enslaves us.  I'm sure I would be consulting Dr. Chomsky, Dr. West and the like.

Gene Chapman
Tolstoyan-Gandhian Libertarian Candidate for Texas Governor
(Endorsed by Dr. Noam Chomsky, Intellectual of the Age)