Saturday, September 7, 2013

Congressional Request

Gene Chapman

September 7, 2013

Congressman Michael Burgess
1660 South Stemmons Freeway, Ste. 230
Lewisville, Texas 75067

Dear Congressman Burgess:

This letter is to request a Congressional examination of a possible abuse of power and use of federal tax dollars by the Internal Revenue Service, funding an Internet-based character assignation organization targeting Tea Party Republicans, Libertarians, Tax Honesty, Slave Freedom, Freedom Movement, Christians and Gandhians, to name a few.  The name of this organization is

For several years, I've been following their activities here and there, noting several problematic dynamics of the Quatloos organization.

1)  They, from time-to-time, indicate that they either are or were IRS employees on their postings.  One of them (AndyK) noted just yesterday that he met me while employed at the Main IRS Building in Washington, D. C. and spoke with me during some of my protesting at the IRS Headquartes Building there, almost a decade ago.  Clearly, I am being stalked on the Internet for about a decade, now.

2)  They had a posted cocktail party at a local Washington D. C. hotel about a year ago, as I remember, telling all that they are concentrated in our nation's capital.

3)  They have a file on citizens they target for character assassination.  When I went online to interact with AndyK, I found that this person had exhaustive knowledge of every perceived error of my life at hand from over ten years.  (I disagree with the proposition that these were errors, but that is a discussion for another venue.)

4)  Internet Bullying:  They redirect to personal attacks on the most mundane interactions.  For example, I wrote at one point about deciding not to peruse law school: "Tolstoy taught me that . . . ," and his reply was not rational.  Andy K responded with a question about whether I had ever had a conversation with Tolstoy in a kind of rope-a-dope fashion, designed to frustrate my attempt to get to the facts of our exchange.  Tolstoy has been dead over 100 years, Congressman Burgess.  AndyK was trying to make everything in our Internet interaction an assault on my character and education.  He was not trying to get to the root of a problem; rather, he was trying to bring down people who do not agree with the taxation of labor, as an IRS employee (former or current).

5)  The Quatloos website is too slick.  For a bunch of off duty IRS employees, drinking beer and attacking political and religious opponents of the personal income tax, it's just a little to professionally done to think it's not organized by government.

6)  And who the hell organizes people from work to sit around after work thinking up ways off the clock to assassinate the characters of citizens, who are simply trying to gain redress of grievance from their supposed servant government?

Something stinks in D. C., Congressman Burgess, and I say it's an IRS funded hit squad on the characters of citizens trying to bring their government under control.  I look forward to testifying and helping to bring this out of control IRS funded subsidiary under the control of We the People.

Most respectfully,

Gene Chapman