Thursday, April 3, 2014

Libertarian Library Night In Temple, Texas, April 12th

Libertarian Library Night In Temple, Texas, April 12th

We will be hearing from U. S. Senate Candidate Jon Roland for the Libertarian Party at 8 p. m. on April 12th in Temple, Texas at a privately disclosed location across town from the LP Convention (214-770-8053/ He will discuss his interactions withMilton Friedman while studying at the University of Chicago, along with his vision for the future. (For you younger folks, who wish to be a Libertarian Intellectual Giant one day, Milton Friedman is someone you want to know about and study.) We'll pass the hat for Jon, to help in covering his cost of travel and campaigning, as well.

I will be showing "Star Wars" afterward for those 21 and older in a beer drinking game. We will have a couple of cases of Miller longnecks on ice that will be used in the following fashion beginning at 9 p. m. Each time the character with whom you self identify appears on screen, you take a swig of beer. Each time the Emperor or Darth Vader appears on screen, we all take a swig of beer.

I'll share a few brief thoughts about "End The Fed," by Ron Paul and his views of how "scapegoating" of latinos is a misdirect away from the real problem of central banking and unsound money, that a gold standard presents the positive solution, not scapegoating latinos.

I woud also like to brainstorm concerning the development of a board of directors and funding of an endowment for an Austin Libertarian College to open 10 to 15 years from now.

Gene Chapman, CEO
Libertarian Global Library and Book Exchange 214-770-8053