Saturday, April 12, 2014

Day Four of the Glass Fast

Three days ago:  "I am asking all those who care that the LP message not be compromised by Tom and Kathie Glass to the outside world to please join me in four days of daylight fasting, from now till sundown on Saturday night. Let us focus on Truth and non-violence, as we seek to become one with Truth. The still moments will guide the world to liberty."

Whether the forces of Glass duo darkness win today or the forces of Libertarian Light win today, we are still a long way from home.  The marriage of the National Socialist Republicans and the Global Marxist Democrats in what I term the Demopublican Comunofascist Party still seek to enslave the individual to the collectivist state.  The battle for Liberty will be won or lost in the minds of the youth.  

If Glass should win the nomination, I urge you to buy 10 copies of "Libertarianism In One Lesson" and give one to every member of the LP you know.  If Liberty should win today, buy 10 copies of "Libertarianism In On Lesson" and give one out to every person you would like to be a Libertarian Party member.  We must have libertarians before we can have libertarian culture, and the only way that can happen is for solid libertarian materials to be in the hands and faces of the people inside and outside libertarianism.  

See you all at the event tonight beginning at 8 p. m., where I shall end the fast at sundown.  

And if Liberty should win today, sing a chorus of "Ding Dong The Witch is Dead" for me.

Gene Chapman, CEO
Libertarian Global Library and Book Exchange