Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Important Question for Kathie Glass that All Should be Asking Her:

Kathie, you and Tom drive a big black flashy Escalade that looks like it came right out of a presidential motorcade.  Tom says he has a master's degree in business from Harvard, as I remember.  You graduated top of your class and hold a J. D., as I remember reading your claims.  (Both degrees are common among federal agents, as I used to guard Air Force One jets during maintenance at the TSTI Airport at night, while attending Baylor University in 1993, and I later helped Spacial Agent Byron Sage pick though David Koresh's theology during the Branch Davidian Situation that same year.  I've seen a few federal agents in my time, but I digress.)  You, being a member of the bar, are an officer of the court, already a government operative.  You and Tom avoid and never answer my questions directly, and try continuously to get me kicked off and out of various discussions, attributes I've only seen in individuals who later turned out to be federal agents.  You are trying to take the helm of the Libertarian Party of Texas with ideas that are very Republican, and it is clear that you are unfamiliar with the central concepts of libertarianism.  Kathie, why should we believe you and Tom are not federal agents?  If it looks like a duck . . . .

Gene Chapman