Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Closest I've Ever Been to Liberty

Most of you have never been anywhere near Liberty.  You've been raised to do some duty or task that is placed upon you by the society around you.  You go to school to get a job, to buy a car, to buy a house, to afford a marriage, to afford children, taxes and so on.  It never ends.

I've come close to Liberty once in my life, and it's the most intoxicating thing.  I mean the liberty of the Greek definition:  elutheria -- without liability or obligation.

I was truck driving on I-70 headed West, just a few miles from Vail, Colorado.  I pulled my rig over and stopped at a rest area, where a beautiful brook, full of rounded rocks, was running down the mountain.  As I looked up past the flowers on the side of the hill in front of me, I realized there was no fence.  A sign read something like "wilderness area ahead."  There was a path that disappeared into the forest on up the mountain, and I looked into my map and saw how one could go on to the North Pole, if they wished.

The feeling was a release of tension in my gut, as I considered leaving my wallet in my truck and just walking off.

You need to consider what liberty really is, if you are going to run for office as a Libertarian.  You need to think about every fence you are building.  You need to think about all that you secure today and what it means to that feeling in your grandchild's gut fifty years from now.

I pray I have another moment like that before I die, and I hope you all will experience liberty some day, just once in this life.

Gene Chapman, CEO
Libertarian Global Library and Book Exchange