Saturday, March 29, 2014

Chomsky's Farm Experiment/ Rockwell's Farm Experiment

Twenty-four miles down I-10 east from downtown El, Paso, Texas, then six miles north on a paved two lane road and another six miles down a dirt road (Sandy Rd.), you will come to a twenty acre parcel of raw desert land, yucca plants and all, at the corner of Sandy Rd. and Mira Grande, another dirt road.  This is property I've owned for over twenty years.

I am interested in a farm experiment that divides this property into two equal areas of ten acres each.  On one side, Chomsky's Farm Experiment, a study in anarco-syndicalism in this raw environment.  On the other side, Rockwell's Farm Experiment, a study of anarco-capitalism. 

I expect the property to hold about ten couples on each side.

Your thoughts and objections on this idea invited.

Most respectfully,

Gene Chapman

P. S.  It is my humble view that optimum human civilization will exist in a fusion somewhere between the anarco-capitalist and anarco-syndicalist worlds.