Monday, March 10, 2014

Kathie Glass Opponents May Desire Police Protection

On the Sunday prior to the Llano Tea Party event this past January, I was purchasing tickets for a guest and myself on the phone from the President of the Llano Tea Party, and she conveyed that she and her assistant in the office at the time were sufficiently concerned about the potential for violence from the phone behavior of Mr. Tom Glass toward me that she informed me that police would be present to address the issue and was no longer taking his calls.  (Police were present at the event, and I'm Gandhian, so violence is not an issue from my end.)

For those of you gubernatorial candidates who will not be just lying down and handing the nomination to Kathie Glass, you may feel the need to have personal security present.  It is a bit intimidating to walk into a situation with such stress hanging over you, I know.

I have pause over attending the LP event over this matter, as I don't have the money for a doctor bill right now, so I know others will be concerned for their situation too.

Gene Chapman, CEO
Libertarian Global Library and Book Exchange
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