Sunday, April 21, 2013

Problems with Jesus' Kingdom

As I contemplate the Kingdom of God proposed by Jesus in Matthew 5-7, I see an agrarian anarchist existence that would not be agreeable to some people.

I have a friend that is on Government aid, who is clearly in need of some medication for the mental illness he has been diagnosed with.  He is increasingly a hard friend to interact with, and were I not introduced to him prior to his diagnosis, I would probably pass up the opportunity to take his calls.

Gandhiji made an effort to care for a leprous person in his home on one occasion and found it to be unbearable.  Thankfully,  there is a state to which we may transfer care so that we do not murder our lives for the direct care of another, etc.

In the end, we must pursue our excited interests in life, else it is worthless to live.  We would be less than our potential to focus on the ill when we are not gifted or inclined to care for such.

It is interesting to contemplate not taking oaths, not having legal protections from aggressors, etc., but the utopia Jesus proposed in its fullness is a hell on earth to me.

I think we must find a balance of small government but not no government.

Gene Chapman