Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Strike on Gandhiji's Birthday?

As I contemplate the trip I took to Austin and the instructions I read of Gandhiji  on strikes, I think my approach needs to have a bit more bite than just polite interactions with government officials.  Perhaps a strike is the right path.  It would take far more than me to make such a thing a reality.  It would probably need to include Gandhiji's birthday as well, and it would have to address the protest materials I've been promoting.

Gene Chapman

On Strike Worldwide !!!
Against Keynesian-Marxist Governments
Gandhi's Birthday, October 2, 2014

1)  The state has no moral claim to one's labor.

2)  The state has no moral claim to steal the value of one's labor through monetary inflation.

3)  The state has no moral claim to the intrinsic value of one's property.

4)  The state has no moral claim to number one as cattle.

5)  And where there is no moral claim, there in no legitimate legal claim.

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