Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dear Dr. Kumar

Dear Dr. Kumar:

I am honord beyond words that you would ask me to participate in your esteemed event in India, I presume, before a collection of Gandhians and other interested parties.  It would be a great boost, no doubt, to the effort to stand united against Keynesian-Marxist violence that so pervades our world.  

However, I do not possess a passport, based on ideas similar to Tolstoy's discussion in his book, The Kingdom of God Is Within You.  I believe it is not legitimate to be numbered as cattle by governments of the world, who herd us to their whim, like so many WWII Jews.

Like the example of Moses, I am happy to go further into slavery if it will free slaves in the end.  But I have in my conscience that not taking the numbered passport may be a wedge for God's use in years to come to free men from these same dynamics of slavery that so easily creep around us like so many vines of suffocation and death.

I do not encourage others one way or the other, and I am happy to see Gandhians from around the world in America whenever they come.  It is just not for me at this time to have the passport.  

Raise up an army for Truth and non-violence in India, and I shall work to the same end in America.  And one day the Keynesian-Marxist violence on earth will become a simple chapter in a history book.  

Most respectfully,

Gene Chapman, Founder and CEO
Mahatma Gandhi Global Library and Book Exchange

P. S.  If you should happen upon the Dalai Lama, as I know he is in India and runs in nonviolent circles, please tell him that his struggle against Chinese Keynesian-Marxism is our struggle, and it will take a united global front against central banking (5th plank of The Communist Manifesto) to shut it down in my opinion.